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Honey Wheat Bread

Fresh Honey Wheat Bread

Cinnamon Roll

Fresh Cinnamon Rolls

Monster Cookie

Monster Cookies

About Our Bakery

The Bakers Table is family owned and operated. Katrina and Greg Sharp grew up in Pomeroy and Clarkston Washington. After 23 years, they moved from the big city back to their roots to share their passion for food, coffee and people. The Bakers Table was created with people in mind as a place to gather around the table with friends and family. The Bakers Table specializes in hand-crafted bread, and pastries made with love. This 1906 building has seen so many faces through it's door. We welcome yours and hope you'll gather around our Table. 

French Bread

Fresh Bread Daily

The Bakers Table offers a variety of staple breads each day:  French Bread, Focaccia Bread, or Honey Light Wheat Bread.  All of our handcrafted sandwiches are made with our delicious Focaccia Bread.  Throughout the week we will also offer a variety of Savory and Sweet Breads.

Cup of Coffee

Jump Start Your Day with a Hot Brew


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